My Wishlist

I don’t really need anything.  No nothing.  So even if you’re planning on visiting me here in Shanghai, like, for example, my favorite sister, who is coming next weekend (w00t!), you don’t have to bring me anything.  No, really.

That said, here are some things I would really like!

  • a jar of popcorn.  I know you can buy some here in China, but I just can’t find it.  And the bag that I bought is totally lame
  •  a clear plastic shower curtain, so I’m not showering in the dark
  • a vibrating toothbrush with replacement heads
  • that old learn-to-sightread/guitar book that I stupidly sold before leaving Seattle
  • a big fakebook of jazz standards in C
  • a cheap little printer for my computer, with USB connection and standardish ink cartridges

That’s all I want!

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