Notes from Lunas Street

Just a few notes.  Maybe I’ll expand them into posts later, maybe not.

  • Flight got in Wednesday morning, before sunrise.  Ate D picked us up, brought us to Lunas.  We had rice, fish, and pork something for breakfast, before taking a short nap in the girls’ room.  Checked into Manila Hotel.  Went shopping for a barong tagalog to wear at the wedding. 
  • Ate D asked a favor of her friend, designer Eduardo Tang, to make me a pair of pants.  Best pants I ever had.  Can’t wait to have them copied in Shanghai. 
  • Kuya D took us to a mall; I got haircut (best haircut ever) and did errands; H got her nails did.  Got cash, got glasses fixed, bought prescriptions at pharmacy.
  • After days of hearing nothing in terms of wedding plans, finally saw E and cousin E.  They were of course stressed out with wedding plans.  Oh well, Manila Hotel was awesome, and we got it for $100 a night, which is what our relatives were paying elsewhere in an effort to save money. 
  • Showed up to the church with no music; pianist showed up about 30 minutes before kickoff, and we quickly agreed on a pattern to follow.  Sang the psalm, no big whoop. 
  • Former First Crony Imelda Marcos was at the wedding, and was the principle sponsor.  I didn’t boo her, since I didn’t want to ruin my cousin’s wedding.  Besides, my sister and I might have been the only ones in the Filipines who still don’t forgive her for the excess of her corrupt dictator husband because you KNOW her hands are not clean.  I snubbed her.  I’ll post a picture later.  Didn’t see her shoes.
  • Wedding reception was two blocks from San Agustin Church, at Baluarte de San Diego.  Two blocks.  True to form, my cowsins insisted on driving.  At the reception, we could see the hotel from our table; they insisted it was too far to walk.  We waited for a shuttle to drive back; it was a matter of walking straight out of the walled city, walking to the corner and crossing the street.  We are now officially ignoring our cousins’ estimations of distances.
  • Wedding reception was lavish.  The first dance started as a sentimental waltz, which ripped into a hiphop routine.  The bride and groom acted surprised when the needle scratched the record.  Does anyone really believe the waltz was played on a record player?  There was a big band that beat-mixed themselves for hours.
  • All the food has been good here.  Everything makes sense (as opposed to China).  The Philippines is way more Latin than Asian.  It feels odd to me not to have a language barrier.  Last night I dreamt that I yelled at someone in Chinese. 
  • Didn’t make it to Sto. Tomas today, which means we won’t be making it this trip.  Not sure what I’ll do with all my time; I’m here for eight more days. 
  • Videos from the wedding will be funny.  Spoilers:  clowning the best man during his toast, sitting like a dog, eating straight from the cake.  Oh yah. 

3 thoughts on “Notes from Lunas Street

  1. It’s a good thing you did not booo anyone in Manila. It is an unacceptable behavior in the Philippines. Not like here in the USA where people are more free to express their emotions, good or bad. Even the president of the USA is not immuned to booing.


  2. I can’t wait to see the first dance video. You think that we can make it go viral on YouTube? Not good to boo IM, but maybe would have told her that her shoes are so 90’s in very dismissive voice. Heh.



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