More notes from La Loma

  • My cousins’ neighborhood is the lechon capital of the Philippines; down the street you can see rotisserie-roasted suckling pigs leaned up against the wall on their spits, crispy skin glistening in the sun.
  • Yesterday Cowsin E’s new husband E’s family had a “barrio fiesta” for the family to meet Cowsin E.  So we drove out to Pampanga to their “farm.”  They don’t really “farm” at the farm anymore, it’s more just a family retreat compound, where they happen to raise some fighting cocks.  The set up was amazing; food, entertainment, etc. but my enjoyment was tempered when I stepped on a frakkin’ RUSTY NAIL.  Yes, it broke the skin, yes, I got anti tetanus shots later that night.  It wouldn’t be the Philippines if I didn’t end up at least once in the emergency room.  My bill for the shots was 109 pesos; less than USD $3. 
  • after “barrio fiesta” we went to their “rest house,” which I also heard described as a “nipa hut” only it was HUGE and oppulent.  Too bad it was mosquito hour.
  • Afterward, returned to their compound in New Manila, cabbed back to Lunas Street. 
  • Did I mention that I fired a gun? 

One thought on “More notes from La Loma

  1. Lechon! I was just reading about that today in the Chicago Tribune. A Filipino guy in suburban Wheeling roasts pigs for church festivals, and after it was written up in the newspaper, the town issued him a ticket and said his backyard roasting was somehow a fire hazard. !!

    I haven’t fired a gun since I was a teenager.


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