A Gay-Friendly Stand-off.

So I’ve always been a musician, and in my last job, there was a big fat musical component.  In my current job, there isn’t much, so I decided to enroll in the JZ School, a spin-off of the JZ Club, whose mission is to bring the Shanghai back to the glittering glory days it once enjoyed as a jazz hot spot back before the war and the cultural revolution came in and wrecked everything.

It’s awesome, and I’ve been placed as a singer in an ensemble; piano, guitar, drums, sax; and our instructor plays bass.   And me, the singer.  Yes, I pay a fee to be in it, but I’m meeting a lot of great people, so hopefully gigs will follow.

Anyway, today was the second rehearsal for me, and we were all coming back from an extended break due to Chinese New Year.  So our instructor N passed out some new charts, and among them was “Loverman,” where the singer prays for her (or his) loverman to come make love to her (or him).

So I looked at the chart and said, oh yah, I’m gonna be singin’ about makin’ love to a man!

N said, if you have a problem with it, you can change it to “Lover Gal,” (which we all know would not only be preposterous, but also a crime against jazz).

No, I said, I don’t have a problem.  I’m going to sing about makin’ love to a man, and that’s that!  Maybe I’ll wear a dress!

N said, we can all wear dresses, if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Thank you, I said, that would be nice of you all.  We can go shopping together.

/end slightly tense gay-friendly stand off.

I’ve sung worse at karaoke.

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