Quick notes…

…. before I crash into bed

  • Apparently Bjork played Shanghai recently, and her final song was about an independent Tibet.  Safe bet she’s no longer in China.
  • China Merchant’s Bank is a giant steaming pile of shit.  Today they wouldn’t give L his replacement card because he didn’t have a 10 kuai receipt.  Because that’s the key to secure accounting.
  • Went to see David Beckham at the LA Galaxy game last night, vs, Shanghai/Hong Kong United.  This morning my 老师summed up the state of Chinese soccer: 特别特别特别特别特别特别的差。
  • I’m officially looking for tickets to Seattle for last week of April/first week of May.  Can’t wait.

5 thoughts on “Quick notes…

  1. I knew you’d come crawling back. (How much vacation do those people give you? Weren’t you just in Manila for two weeks? Sheesh!) Must come to dinner at La P’s.


  2. (gasp!)
    There’s another Ding. My mom was totally right.
    And, hey, JP. I just visited the SpanishPod site and I’m totally impressed.


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