Limerick Festival?

I’m probably going to start it tomorrow.  Would anyone even notice if I didn’t hold one this year?

Today I picked up my clothes at the fabric market:  pants, linen jacket, velvet corduroy  jacket.  I might go back tomorrow and order more linen… and maybe jeans.  After that, I went to work for four hours, got a lot done.  Then there was rehearsal, a foot massage that was a little too hard, and then all you can eat/drink teppanyaki.  A suggested that I go out and hang with her and A, which would be totally fun, but i was looking forward to being home and doing nothing.  So that’s what I’m doing, and it’s wonderful.

2 thoughts on “Limerick Festival?

  1. La J and I have been invoking her limerick submission of last year: “I’m starting to think that Obama…” It still rocks. And its last line has been fulfilled. (“’cause Hillary’s just too much drama.”) I think it bears re-posting.


  2. Me! I would have noticed! And agree with LA A above. All I’ve been thinking about are limericks and what rhymes with Clinton.


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