Some notes before the limericks start.

Yah yah, I’ll start the limerick festival in the next post.  You all better spread the word in your own blogs!

Just some quick notes:

  • Friday night:  cheese fondue.  Saturday:  foot massage and then all you can eat/drink Japanese food.  Today, dinner in Pudong with friends.  I should leave the house soon to buy my requisite bottle of wine from Trader Zhou’s.
  • Went back to the Fabric Market today, ordered three pairs of jeans (copies of my Levi’s), one pair of linen pants to match the jacket I already bought, and another linen suit.
  • The cash machine at the Fabric Market wasn’t working, so I walked down the street and stumbled into the fabric neighborhood, where you go to buy your fabric by the yard (except metric) off the bolt, and all of the separate businesses that make up the clothes-made-to-order industry.  I bought me a black belt, finally; it is a crazy belt with no holes.  The buckle actually has a mechanism that cinches the belt, and then releases with a secret level.  Cool!  The buckles to choose from were all designer logos made into metal; i.e., ugly.  So I chose a buckle with a small kangaroo on it.  It’s probably a Chinese brand name, but whatever.  we’ll see.

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