Decadence Saturday, and What I Want from the USA

Decadence Saturday:

  • Took a cab to the fabric market, met my friends who were getting measured for tuxes for a black-tie auction they have in two weeks.  These tuxes are made-to-measure, for about the price it costs us to rent a tux in the US.  N got both a black tux jacket and a white dinner jacket.
  • Cabbed back to my neighborhood, went to Davidico’s Cafe and ordered xiao long bao, sheng jiao, chao qing cai, chao he fen, hao you niurou tiebo fan, and three tall boys.  Lunch came out to about $6 USD.  Those jinqiao boys were shocked at how cheap it was.
  • Went to the office, recorded a podcast.
  • Walked down the street, got haircut, shampoo, blowdry; about $2.50 USD.
  • Went to antique market, M bought a vase from his vase guy.
  • Later, I got a foot massage at Yide.  Could my day have been more metrosexual?

I’m starting a list of things I want to do when I come home to the US this month.

  • Buy one (or two!) pairs of new ecco shoes.
  • Buy a jazz fake book; and guitar sight-reading book
  • Buy a box of my favorite green ink pens
  • Stock up on GUM floss picks
  • Eat at the Pig Iron
  • Eat at el asadero, the tacobus.

Besides that, hanging out with family and friends.  The schedule is going to be tight.

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