100 Lessons and Counting; more weekend decadence.

So we celebrated our 100th SpanishPod Lesson last Friday by launching our YouTube channel. There was also a delicious 6 o’clock bottle of Patrón given to us appropriately by our patrón, and there was all-you-can-eat/all-you-can-drink izakaya at Shirokiya, salsa dancing at Silver Moon, and then a couple of numbers at the big JZ Club.

Yesterday I woke up and went to the fabric market to meet my friends who had had tuxes made, and to pick up a few shirts that I had made for myself.  Well, I met my friends, but NO SHIRTS.  My 老朋友 apologized and asked me to come back tomorrow.  BOO.  So everyone went home with clothes except me.  Anyway, I introduced them to Bellagio, where they treated me to lunch (sweet!)

There was a few down hours between lunch and the FOOT MASSAGE OF THE CENTURY.  Maybe it’s because I was tired, or maybe my foot masseur was some kind of genius, but I have a total foot massage crush on #68.  It was mind-blowing, eye-crossing good.

After a serious debate about whether or not to go another hour, we left and got the laffa bread salad at Element Fresh.  Later hung out at A’s until it was time to go to a screening of the Flight of the Concords.   Some people had pirated the cd and were projecting three-episode sets in their studio loft in Taikang Lu.

This morning I went back to the ol’ fabric market to pick up my new linen shirts, stopped by work, went to the grocery, etc.  Tomorrow, back to work.

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