It’s been hella.

Ok, it’s 11pm on a Wednesday night. I haven’t blogged for real in, what weeks? And I know I’ve alienated all my readers and left some people hanging. Sorry everyone.

I’m surprisingly busy at work, even with L gone. After work today, I gave a Spanish lesson to D and J. Chinese people have it in their mind that Spanish is hard because of the /r/ and the /j/; yet they think Japanese is a breeze. It was slightly mind-blowing when I told them that the /r/ in “toro” was the same /r/ in “arigato.” Of course, they over-pronounced it [aligato] when trying to isolate the sound, but when they said the word at natural speed it was the same damn /r/. Right now I’m finding some verb pictures on the web, so we can really get down to business.

Tonight I went to the grocery store, had dinner at KFC (I was in a hurry!). MeiYou Pharmacy 没有药店 was closed. Came home, did a load of laundry, make one-night pickles, pork/beef adobo for lunch tomorrow. I still need to go to pharmacy, get a hair cut, etc. but that’s going to have to happen tomorrow. I had to skip trivia.

So I got back from Seattle on Saturday night, crashed, got my isht together on Sunday morning, and went into work in the afternoon. It has been bright and sunny lately, 75 degrees with a light breeze, and honestly, it’s been hard to concentrate; seattlititis.

Anyway, here’s what I brought back for pasalubong:  cancer hats, a baseball cap, coffee beans, dry erase markers, aplets & cotlets (the chocolate ones, too).

For myself, I bought some fat guy shirts, two pairs of shoes, three pairs of shorts, a bunch of books, and some blood pressure pills.  A bike lock.  An iPod boombox.  No big whoop.

Here’s what I failed to bring back:  sipit, tortillas, jazz fake book, magnetic white board eraser.

One thing I’ve picked up from my cowsins:  Three Sheets.  I only watched one episode (Taipei), but I was intrigued by the slick cultural presentations that were nestled between binge drinking segments.

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