Warm Shanghai Rain

It’s 66 degrees F in Shanghai, and it’s been raining hard most of the day.  It’s nice; I get a lot done on a rainy day.

Above is a quick two-minute tour of our new offices.  Of course, it’s nothing compared to Google Zurich, because goodness knows with the internet these days you can’t go an hour without your bubble being burst.

Rush Limbaugh told Republicans in Indiana to use their constitutional right to vote for some procedural strategy, meant to subvert the majority.  I guess they’re just not into the spirit of democracy….

Finally, Dr. B links to an article called Inventing Illegal Immigration.  Let’s all stop pretending fear of undocumented immigrants is not racism and xenophobia.

And here’s what I’m thinking about lately:  I’m so over Krashen.  I mean, input hypothesis, monitor theory, natural order, affective filter… it’s all nice, but is any of that quantifiable?  i + 1 is so linear.  How does he know it’s not i + 10 over time?  Oh well.

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