Notes before bed.

  • La A says that regular gas is now over $4 per gallon in Seattle.  WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE!?
  • There was gunfire at Folklife, injuring two.  What’s the emoticon for choking in disbelief?
  • Learning the six strokes of the Chinese calligraphy and the standard stroke order makes you look at characters differently; makes them more recognizable.
  • beans are better in a crockpot.  So is oatmeal.
  • my apt is now closed to bugs; a/c is keeping me cool.

One thought on “Notes before bed.

  1. We gave into the A/C this weekend, too. If the wife was less fan-phobic we’d be fine, but alas, it’s hot and with no air movement it’s just not going to happen.

    $4/gallon for gas is incredible. When I left the States, it was about $1.50 in Florida and people were going crazy. I’m so glad I walk to work every day.


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