I watched Clinton and Obamba’s speeches this morning streaming live on NBC as I sat at my desk, working, surrounded by my non-American friends. They are very sympathetic, but I keep my excitement under wraps. I mean, it wouldn’t have been appropriate to stand up an cheer at my desk in China, where the nearest American is way over at the next table, and I am surrounded by Chinese people who are skeptical about the idea of democracy. I am certainly not going to invent a cheer, like H and L in this video.

A cheer which, by the way, is hella cool, but is five even beats in a four beat measure, which is too much syncopation for…  ahem… a lot of our rhythmically challenged friends. It sure would sound good with some samba drums, though…

One thought on “Cheering

  1. Yes, seriously. I couldn’t reproduce that syncopation five seconds after I heard it.

    It’s my own failing. I can’t live up to the cheer’s awesomeness.


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