10 Goals

I went to dinner with E last night, and after the requisite venting about work, we talked about life goals, visualization, and attracting success through positive thinking. Here are 10 of my goals, in no particular order:

  • take my family on a tour of western Europe
  • learn to play bossa nova guitar
  • live on the beach for a year
  • live in Paris for a year
  • be a guest on a late night talkshow
  • learn Tagalog
  • host SNL
  • attend an olympic games, including athletic events and opening/closing ceremonies
  • become a rich and famous singer
  • get in shape

What are your goals?

3 thoughts on “10 Goals

  1. Learn tagalog? Hehe, you know where to go for that 😛 Sadly, the KS team has been all busy with our lives so we haven’t uploaded anything new 😦

    My goal for the year is to survive my first year in Law. And improve on 中文 and Spanish at the same time – it’s getting there thanks to you guys!

    Life goal, well, one of them, is to live in Shanghai again for a year!


  2. 1. have more of a waist
    2. make a move professionally
    3. maybe have firmer thighs
    4. get something trashy published
    5. perhaps eat less?
    6. have a family vacation/holiday
    7. maybe do yoga once a week
    8. go back to italy
    9. maybe eat less carbs
    10. find a dude who doesn’t bore the shit out of me


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