Bizarro day

it’s late, so you’re just getting the bullets

  • woke up around 5am, had breakfast, went back to sleep
  • woke up at 7:40, hustled to cab pool rendez-vous
  • skyped H and the cowsins at H’s BBQ… they had miniburgers!
  • received resumes for translation internship from people that don’t speak spanish
  • an affiliate website in Egypt drives traffic to FrenchPod, but the women’s pictures are blacked out
  • E brought leftover tortilla de patatas for amaiketako, fed the whole office
  • had ham and cheese sandwiches for sandwich club today
  • spent the remainder of our lunch hour slouching on the office couch
  • three something pm; went to find M to talk about video equipment;  C notices that my shoes are mismatched
  • L and E both receive crazy messages from listeners; one about blasphemy, one about snarkiness
  • 4pm, sky turns black as twilight; rain starts falling hard; sky lightens as rain continues
  • we spot two big frogs in the pyramid plaza outside our building on the way to our cab
  • E and I go to Blue Frog for $11 burgers (2 fer 1 on Monday nights!)
  • I go to city shop for salmon roll club tomorrow; no seaweed, no sushi mat…. luckily L bought a mat, so tomorrow we’ll wrap using vietnamese rice paper spring roll wrappers
  • cabbed home from city shop; ha ha ha

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