Shadenfreude and Chicken Parts

YouTube is back in China (for now).  I hope everyone stayed safe during the most recent outage.

I had chili cheese nachos for breakfast, with tomatoes and onions, and creme of course.  Wish I had black olives.

Leaving for Taiwan on Thursday.  Not sure of all the details, kind of just following J.

So Friday there was conveyor belt sushi.

On Saturday I went out looking for Pollo Campero; it’s long gone.  Met J at Lynn, later went to the Spot.  J says “Bamboo or Spot?” and I said, “Which one has more Filipinos?”  Spot it is.  We ordered Moscow Mules and stumbled across L learning the  Thriller dance.

Came home, got a haircut, took a short nap, back out to meet the crew at Kaiba (didn’t make it to Kaluska, intimidated by the glassware).  Walked down to Battles concert.  Saw hella folks from work there.  It was all texture and time (3 against 4, etc).   It sounded like mathrock.  Most of the brown people stood with our arms crossed; we later teased J about jumping and throwing up signs (he wasn’t).  But me and P went upstairs to escape all the mathrock.

There was a woman there, looking at herself in the mirror for like an hour.  P said, hey, how you doing, where you from.  She of course said “I’m from a country very far away,” walking backward and talking to us like we were stupid.  She fell down a step and we laughed at her.

J, J&S came upstairs, and we all went to Bellagio.  Ordered youtiao stuffed w/ shrimp, dragon beans, bowl of ground beef, qing cai, turnip omelete, sanbeiji something (chicken and ginger in an iron pan), cold glass noodles with chicken and peanut sauce, spicey dan dan noodles that weren’t dan dan, hai you shenme ne.

While J was on the street looking for J, a couple in the corner left, leaving one woman alone at the table, despondant.  The staff tried to see if she was ok, but then we heard the other girl screaming like murder from the street.  Screaming!  Later the screamer came back in and sat with despondant girl, who proceeded to yell at her drunkily in English.  Neither seemed to be English speakers. There was lecturing, crying, napping… and then Despodentia ran up the stairs to puke.  P yells “jia you!” and we all crack up.  (meanwhile, P has been telling Dave and Gary stories about back in the day)

Despodentia comes back in, makes another zuke run to the toilet, and then sits back down for a nap.  This is the corner table, window, at the Bellagio on Tai Cang lu!  Then screamer gets up to go chuck; despondentia at the table asks for a bucket.  S is getting uncomfortable.   Screamer falls down the stairs, distracting the staff.  So Despondentia never gets her bucket.  We bounced.

J tried to lecture us about our shadenfreude, but I was too busy laughing.


So Leo and Lili don’t know the difference between a drumette and a drumstick.   They were trying to convince me… ME!  that a drumette was a leg.  Fancy Mexican private school FAIL.  That was a few months ago.

Davidico tried to tell me on Friday that a chicken thigh was a breast.  Are you kidding me?

Maybe Americans don’t know geography, but seriously, we will win the team gold medal in the Chicken Part Identification Event.  It’s one thing not to know a political map, it’s another not to know what’s going into your damn mouth.


Today:  brunch with F, maybe go to J’s soccer game.

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