The Temple Gig…. and my former role model

So 14 years ago, when I was in grad school, I used to put Vh1 on and study or grade papers.  The VJs were Ian O’Malley and AJ Hammer, and I wanted to be them.  To just sit in front of a camera and talk calmly yet enthusiastically about upcoming videos, that’s what I really want with my life.

Anyway, I friended Ian O’Malley today on Facebook, and he accepted.  Cool right?  I’ll tell you what else is cool, I have 50 more friends than he does.  That’s right; I’m more facebook-popular than my grad school role-model.  Thank you, SpanishPod.


So today was the That’s Shanghai awards event; the Long Undertones played a long set, and later on a short set.  The stage was at the mall next to Jing’an Temple.  It was a good experience, mostly Chinese crowd, a bunch of folks from work showed up, which was very nice of them.

Some notes for future reference:  mic’ing amps is a bad idea.  The piano sounded like it was distorted.  Gross.  No ballads in daylight, outdoor venues.  I sang my face off during “You Go To My Head,” and I actually saw people yawning.  Some of Big J’s groupies were there, giggling and trying to get his attention, it was very distracting.  So I started mimicking them, and then they stopped.  Ladies, the drummer is busy now.  Send him an email when you get home.   Stake out your spot on the stage first, before the saxes get there.  Saxophone players seem to have a tendency to hog front-center stage.  (think about it, you know it’s true).  This is because they have a high ham quotient.  Hey sax players, the audience is watching the vocalist.

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