3 birds, one stone

Without going into details, the quote of the weekend is “Three birds, one stone.”

Yesterday was a quiet day. Had P and P over.

Today, hung out with S. Went to pick up a linen shirt, ordered five more cotton shirts (got a good price) then sound check.

I show up at sound check and Big J is kind of milling around. There was some band from Beijing there who claimed they had reserved sound check at 2 for their gig at 6, but we were like, there are two bands going on at 3 and 5; like hell you have soundcheck now. They insisted and when they realized we werent’ going away, they kind of stormed out in a trickle, to save face and not admit they were wrong.

We played our gig, but unfortunately Tenor Sax M didn’t get the memo, so we went on without a horn player. It was a good last gig with the Long Undertones for me.

After the rock band played, we moved to the roof. Aussie M started punching holes in an apple. It was pretty cool, surprisingly, at least the theory of the apple punching.

Went Xinjiang food with a new crew: Aussie M, Toronto A, and the lovely E of Penn. I wouldn’t have predicted that the post-J era would be so fun so soon.

This week: My last full week at SpanishPod. There’s a b-day dinner planned for Tenor M, KTV I’m hoping to check off the list, and then a paella at the Euskaletxea, which I’ll ask the Long Undertones to play at; we’ll see.

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