Celebrity Moment

So I was having diner at the Fat Olive with A.  It was delicious, btw; greek salad, dolmas, pita burger.

Anyway, I was in the bathroom, finished with my business, walking toward the sink, and the door opens.  A woman gasps and says “sorry!” and then the door closes.  Then from behind the door, I hear, “Oh, hi JP!”

I wash my hands and then think about what just happened.  A woman walks in, fine… actually I didn’t realize that anything was out of the ordinary until she said “sorry!”  I was about to ask her to come in.  Anyway, she RECOGNIZED me!  And for about 20 minutes I allowed myself to think I was a celebrity.

On the way out of the restaurant, M waves me over to her table, apologizing for having walked in on me.  Oh dang, it was only M.  Nice to see her, of course, but it would have been better if she were a stalker or a fan.

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