Last couple days

yesterday: hung out with s of the bread.

First we went to Von’s for martinis.  Then Musashi; it’s not the same. $10 sashimi is not the big pile of fish it used to be. :*(

Then to Cutters for some oysters and some vodka sodas.  The happy hour special was “glamorous Goose.”

Then it was Jade Garden for honey walnut prawns, kang kong, crab in ginger sauce, scallops with snow peas, and almond chicken. yum.

Then we walked to New Orleans Cafe for one drink; it was a little old-timey for me, the music. So we walked to Bush Garden and hung out there for a while.

Bagel dog, and then cab back.

Today: Back to Cutter’s, this time with Stevestrv and Blanca. Walked through market, forgot about doughnuts. Coffee at Vivace. Then went up the Space Needle.

Went shopping for July 4th supplies.  Then met Yones at the hilltop; later walked to the 5-spot, then Dicks.  Mmm…

Quite a last couple days. Now going to meet Yones at the Hilltop.

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