So. so. old.

So the other day I’m at Bush Gardens with Shawn of the Bread, enjoying a drink and the karaoke bar entertainment. We were there for two or three hours before the karaoke host came up to me to shake my hand, and ask me IF I USED TO BE HIS HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER.

So tonight me and Yones were at the 5-Spot having a beer and talking about how we’re not ready to settle down, that we aspire to more, that we can’t just be a 9 to 5-er in the suburbs with a job treading water. How we still like to go out and meet the boys for a beer on a weeknight.

And then a former student and his lovely date walked into the bar and then sat next to us. He was the youngest of three brothers, all of whom I taught.

Old. Oooooold. Old.

Finally, why does this show seem to speak to me?

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