I love those old phones

Aww, I loved those old phones.  I owned both of them, but of course I had custom casings on them, to reflect my mood, being the frivolous Westerner that I didn’t know I was.  I’m not sure if they sent/recevied text messages, but I remember 10 years ago people weren’t really that into texting.  All I ever had to use it for was to give me a dial tone when I wanted to call someone, and to vibrate when someone was calling me, on the rare occasion that I had it on at all.

I remember voice mail was important to me back then.  After a year of not having it in China, I can’t seem to be enthusiastic about it anymore.

Anyway, I have an old iPhone now, 2nd generation, jailbroken in China, with a TMobile prepaid sim card in it.  I told myself I’d wait until I got to New York to come up with a more permanent phone solution.  Should I upgrade and get the AT&T service?  Do I get a new account in the 212?  Do I even need one, with Google Voice coming down the pipe?  Who knows.

2 thoughts on “I love those old phones

  1. Hola JP,

    Yeah, you want a new iPhone. You know you do, so just be the decadent westerner and go buy one.

    Actually, wait until you get to NY to make sure that AT&T has coverage in all the areas you’ll be. If so, then drop the cash for it and be done with it.

    Google Voice (I’ll send you an invite if they ever get around to doing that) is nice, but it doesn’t replace your cell phone, it just makes it awfully nice. I use my GV for all contacts with businesses, and if they abuse me by telemarketing — they get banned. And I’ll never hear them on my cell phone again.


  2. I had the one on the right, which we called the 8210 over here. It was, at that time, the tiniest phone we’ve ever seen. It was ridiculous. Yeah, both phones could send and receive texts, and we Filipinos were (and still are) crazy about it.

    Wow, can’t believe it has been ten years.


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