Day Two in the Big Apple

Am I going to do this every day?  Doubt it.

Woke up late today, lunch was tacos al pastor in Jackson Heights.  Then a quick tour of Grand Central Station and Rockefeller Center.  Spent most of the day at the MoMA.  Saw more famous paintings there than ever in my life, and I’ve been to a lot of art museums.  The also had a Song Dong exhibit of regular old chinese daily items.  Funny.  Heard a lot of Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese today.

Walked down Broadway, through Times Square, ended up in Chelsea.  There was a downpour.  Then I met some folks at the Corner Bistro, had a beer and some burgers.  Went to R’s rooftop to check out the view, and then a few quiet drinks at another bar in Chelsea.  Rode the local E train back to the crazyhouse, found my  own way back.

I’m not a good tourist, btw.  I mean, I wear big loose shirts and cargo shorts, and there is a camera in my pocket, but I seem to have lost the sense of awe that people usually have when they see monuments and well known places.  I’ve noticed it disappoints people to see that I’m not jumping for joy to see Times Square, Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, etc.

I guess I’ve travelled so much now that I’m not much for sight seeing.  When I travel nowadays, what I get excited for is a) food and b) friends.  I used to be excited about mass transit but i’m over that now.

Anyway, people are disappointed to hear that I’m not having the extatic New York “wow it’s new york!” honeymoon that people are supposed to have; I’m going to start pretending to be excited, just so I can quit explaining it.

One thing Amber said, which I think is true:  New York seems like a laid-back place compared to Shanghai.

2 thoughts on “Day Two in the Big Apple

  1. And my impression of New York was that it was noisy and dirty. Oh, these Germans … 🙂
    It always takes me months to know enough about any larger city to actually start enjoying it.


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