Crazy Ivan

Ok, haven’t done this in a while….

Who is reading?  How’d you find this blog?  Where are you from?

Answer in the comments, please.

I’ve been getting some far flung hits:  Botswana, Turkey, Iran, Thailand.  Looks like there are some regulars reading in Australia, France, and England, and a bunch of followers in Germany.  I’m not sure how or why my blog would be interesting enough for you all to read, but I’m glad it is, and I don’t mind asking about you.

If you’re a searcher, I’ve been looking at some search stats too.  It’s nice that people are googling my name and the name of this blog and finding their way here.  I get an awful lot of hits from “sex toy” and “naked filipino” as well.  “Plan B” contraception seems to bring people here, as well as a search for people who want to know the meaning of the mole on the sole of their foot.

As far as day 3 in NYC, nothing to report.  left the house around noon to buy a rotisserie chicken; the rest is not blog material.

Ok, leave comments, folks.  I want to know who you are, and what you’re doing here.

17 thoughts on “Crazy Ivan

  1. well. i didn’t find you searching for naked filipino or sex toy. or contraception.
    i am here cuz you’re one of my favorite people, regardless of not seeing you in person for about 300 years. um, dog years.
    hope NYC treats you well, eh?


  2. I was just doing random Google searches on Firefly quotes and plugged in Crazy Ivan.

    Here I am.

    I can’t wait to see what it turns up when I type in “I’ll be in my bunk.”


  3. Hey JP!

    I came here from Facebook by following the link you put on your wall. I’m from Moscow, Russia and I know you from your activities at Praxis and I know that you are a pretty cool guy! Actually, I’m a big fan of your EnglishPod dialogs. They are awesome! Good job, man!

    Well, I like this place and at least I find it useful for practicing my reading skills in English ;o) So, I guess I’m gonna be a constant guest here!

    For all of you guys out there who study/teach English, check my website at



  4. Hallo.

    I’ve found your blog through SpanishPod, where you posted a link to your amazing “Map of the Spanish Present Tense” a while ago. I came back, when you announced that you were leaving Praxis. I was curious to find out why. When you teased about staying in Podcasting, I started stalking…err…reading your blog. I totally called your going to the *other company*, even before you first mentioned NY. Haha.

    I like the fact that you’re into BSG and totally obsessed with the Veronica Mars theme song. 😉


  5. Following for 3+ years now…quietly. I guess that makes me a lurker. I cannot recall exactly how I found your blog, it may have been when I first moved looking for Seattle Bloggers…or maybe from BitchPhD?


  6. Followed you here from Spanishpod. I really enjoy your blog as much as I enjoyed learning Spanish from you (and the others).

    I think I identify with you in that you are an asian-american and so am I. My mom is Chinese, but born and raised here in Nebraska. Her mom and dad were from Guangzhou (Kwangchou or Canton City back in the 1900’s)

    I am in Omaha, Nebraska, which is almost as central to the USA as you can get. I have traveled some. I have been to Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo. I have been to San Fran, Hawaii and even Spokane. I have been to New York, Boston and Mystic, CT and Charlotte. Up to Minnesota (all over) and down to Texas. Got to speak French in Canada.

    Good luck in your new career path.


  7. we read because we must. you’re smart and funny. notsomuch other blogs.
    Had some good Chinese on the upper west side a few months back. I’ll find out where. But check out Toloache near Times Square.


  8. I was hooked by the videos (at least one featuring your sister; hi! 🙂 that you published around the time when you started in Shanghai.


  9. I found you on BitchPhD, back when I actually read it (I don’t anymore). You were guest blogging, and I enjoyed all your Filipino cultural references, being that I am one. My daughter and I especially loved, “P is for puki.” I also enjoyed your Haiku contests, and you were kind enough to highlight one of my entries on Bitch. I enjoy your writing, your video blogging and adventurous adventures far and wide. So now I follow you here and on Facebook (under my real name) and finish the songs you start in your status lines. Oh, and I totally dig all the food porn.


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