Yikes! Some appauling things…

So New Yorker’s don’t ask “for here or to go?”  Instead they ask “to go or for stay?”

And I’m a little appauled that I answered “for stay.”


It’s amazing how my standards seem to change every day of the Manhattan apartment hunt.  At the head of the pack now is a 7 by 7 room in a 3br share… and yes, rent 4 digits to the left of the decimal. Yikes.


Here are some of the search terms that people googled to find this blog.  It’s a little appauling.

jp villanueva spanishpod101
jp villanueva
sirloin porn toy
tummy ache can’t urinate
jp villanueva blog
sex toys for dogs
you don’t have to read 2.0
e preciso perdoar lyrics translation
yeast colony

Oh well, it’s better than that one day, when 8 people found the blog by searching “jp villanueva asshole.”  What do you think, former student, former colleague, or former employer?

4 thoughts on “Yikes! Some appauling things…

  1. Each time you list the search queries, I grow more curious about sex toys for dogs. And more disturbed.

    Are you sure it’s not your family Googling your name + asshole? Maybe they’re looking for your enemies so they can take them down.


  2. J.P.,

    I started searching for “jp villanueva” on facebook and Google when you first announced you would be leaving China. Too many Villanuevas on the Internet, but I found your blog and new company today.

    Great to hear from you,

    Gary (a.k.a. “blues38”)


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