Ouch, my wrist hurts

As much as I love my new computer, it’s taking a toll on my right hand.  First of all, I think my thumb is getting tired of clicking the trackpad mouse all the time, that’s starting to hurt.  My index finger is getting tired of track padding all the time, so much so, that I switched to my middle finger to trackpad, and I bought a mouse to use at the office.

Finally, my wrist is getting tired of turning to two o’clock to hit the backspace or delete key; so much so that my wrist joint itself is starting to snap audibly.  I bought an ace bandage wrist brace to block it up, but it doesn’t work as well as my old roller blading wrist guard, which has two big fat steel bars to keep my wrist squarely at 12:00.

I’ll be getting a new computer at work in a couple days, so that should fix a lot.  After that my laptop will be parked on my desk at home, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying myself an ergonomic keyboard.

Speaking of buying things, I’ve been off buying stuff ever since I knew I was leaving China; the idea of posessions is kind of gross to me now.  I’m actually kind of enjoying living out of a suitcase.

However, I did find an apartment, and I will be moving in in a couple of weeks.  It looks to be a pretty sweet setup, but I’ll save that for a future blog.

So I’ve been blogging for four years now, it seems, and I’m a little surprised to see what this blog has become.  What used to be links and thoughts and ideas and stories somewhere in China became the highlights of my day… and only the ones that I don’t mind sharing.  I felt like in China it was a hassle to try to blog it all, but now that I’m in New York, I feel a little bored with myself.


One thought on “Ouch, my wrist hurts

  1. Get ergonomics on everything to avoid occupational exposure called repetitive trauma/ ie. CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), tendonitis, tenosynovitis, or “game keeper’s syndrome”.


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