Sunday In Metropolis

Today was kind of dreamy.

I slept in this morning.  Got up, got a cup of coffe from a kid who had never heard of black coffee before.

KID:  What do you want in it?

ME:  Nothing.

KID:    Cream?  Milk?  Sugar?

ME:  Black.

KID:  You don’t want nothing in it?

ME:  No, black.

KID.  No cream or sugar?

Then he pulled one of those things where all he has to do is put it down on the counter, but instead he walks over and jokes with a coworker, and then walks over to the counter and is about to put it down and… gets distracted by someone and holds onto my coffee.  Just put it down, kid, so I can walk away and call you a dipshit.

Anyway, after that I went to Chinatown for a haircut.  Afterward, met Amber and walked around Soho for a little bit before going back to Chinatown for a massage.  I fell asleep on the table and I’m pretty sure I drooled on the floor.  The owners of the massage basement were Shanghai people, and they enjoyed Amber’s Chinese (not mine so much) but they were delighted when we said goodbye in Shanghainese.

We walked down to Tribeca/Battery Park, which will be my future neighborhood.  We stopped at a park on the Hudson River, then walked down to the World Financial Center to use the facilities and to get Amber a pumpernickel bagel, which we ate again on the river front, overlooking a marina.   After that we walked down to the tip of the island before deciding to walk up Broadway.  We stopped at two other parks on the way; the first one by the statue of the Wall St. Bull, the second at City Hall Park.  There was ice cream involved.

So New York City is clean, fascinating, colorful, and sunny.  Definitely Metropolis, and not Gotham.  One funny thing is that New York seems soooooo laid back to Shanghai, where both Amber and I were before.  People are always surprised to hear us say that.  Shanghai just seemed a lot meaner.  If you tell another expat you had a “China day” it means something totally different than if you said, “I just had a very New York day.”

Anyway, train back to Queens to do some critical laundry.  For dinner we had friend pork chops with rice.

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