How to Steal A Million

Changed my gmail theme to Orcas Island.

After work met D on Canal Street, briefly looked at rice cookers. We found a Cantonese place on Bowery called “Congee.” Ordered kangkong, steamed chicken and mushrooms with acai berries, and clam soup. It was pretty good, and I got to pretend I speak Chinese.

Then subwayed up to the Rubin Museum of Art for the movie; they showed How to Steal A Million, and an introduction was given by Joan Juliet Buck. It was fun, but I was a little bummed that I missed Tron, which they showed last week. Ah, Tron.

Tomorrow: Husky football at the Rattle & Hum.

One thought on “How to Steal A Million

  1. Tron ? – the one with the discs and all ?

    hey, keep doing your thing JP

    Wishing you a great weekend !

    & I wish you’d do some more videos
    like you used to do.


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