Big Changes

Big changes in my life  this week:

  • I bought a duvet cover.  Yah, that’s the news you’ve all been waiting for…
  • My friend O gave me a bike that he wasn’t using.  Thanks O!  I’m going to ride it to work tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I have to keep it in my room, or tied up outside.  The building does have a bike room in the basement, but apparently, there’s a long waiting list.
  • The cable guy comes tomorrow.  I bought a 19-inch LED.  I love cable tv, even when there’s nothing on (which is most of the time).   Now all I need to make my room complete is some seating.  I’m thinking I might get a futon, so out-of-town guests will have a place to sleep.  We’ll see… gotta save money.

In other news, I still haven’t found fresh corn tortillas in Manhattan.  Or a decent taco, for that matter.  Which is IRRITATING.

I watched the sunset over the Jersey City today, and later there was a huge firework show across the river, that seemed to go on forever.  I went out to have a look, and saw quite a few explosions on the ground.  The night shift door man don Manny said it might be an event at the W Hotel, which doesn’t mean that much to me.

I didn’t watch any football this weekend; the thought of going into a dark bar to watch a football game me dio hueva.  M texted and said it was packed.

Finally, I had a long talk with a Dominican lady on Saturday, who identified me as Mexican, which is the last thing I think I sound or look like, but there you go.  My accent has changed a lot over the last 20 years, maybe here in New York I’ll pick up a different one.

Quick New York/Seattle glossary:

  • to wait on line to stand in line
  • for stay or to go? for here, or to go?
  • bodega convenience store, quicky mart

4 thoughts on “Big Changes

  1. Don’t know NYC well enough to make any recommendations for tacos, but if you find yourself in Philadelphia, there are several good taquerias in the Italian Market area around 9th and Washington. My family and I generally go to Taqueria Veracruzana, right at 9th and Washington; the newer Los Taquitos de Puebla on 9th between Ellsworth and Federal is slightly better, but more expensive and didn’t have horchata the last time I went there.


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