Meat Packing Saturday

Just the bullet today.

Yesterday walked around Battery City Park with A.  Discovered a decent espresso bar… dark though; so it will be a regular place when the weather turns colder.  Anyway, walked down Broadway to Bowling Green Park and sat for a while until a pigeon crapped on her.

Came home to change, turned on the TV and saw the last two minutes of the first half of UW vs. USC.  Tied at 10 a piece.

I went out to meet J and C at the Standard Hotel, up in the Meat Packing District, where there doesn’t seem to be much actual meat.  E showed up later; we caught up.  There was a marching band.

Walked around the Meat Packing district; Tortilla Flats (a nostalgic place for J and C) and Pastis (J’s favorite brunch).  Dinner was at Barbuto.  Afterwards, wandered around some more, trying to have a nice drink at on outdoor table…

J got a text early in the evening that the Huskies had won that game against #3 USC, after going winless last season.  I’m pretty sure UW’s success is due to my return to the United States.

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