JP’s Fish Tacos

My fish taco recipe is a study in minimalism; I don’t like to complicate a good thing.

I was discussing it with F today, who asked what I marinated the fish in… the answer of course is ‘nothing.’  Leo and I once contemplated a fish taco dinner; my recipe had his blessing, but I got the idea that his was much more complicated.

Anyway, here’s my idea of a perfect fish taco.  There’s no sauce, no marinade, no crazy deep frying.  Keep it simple.  For Russ

  • Fresh corn tortillas.  I found mine at Los Dados in the Meat Packing District.  They should be soft and pliable.  I use double tortillas for each taco.
  • Simple pico de gallo.  Fresh tomatoes, never been refrigerated; chopped cilantro, clean and fresh; and a mild onion, wallla wallas are my favorite, but red ones are good too; serrano peppers minced whole.  Kosher salt.  Leo always wanted to put more stuff (vinegar, pepper, tajin) and S and A were both insistent on lime in the damn pico de gallo… but I don’t like it.  Save the lime for the fish, children the FISH.
  • shredded cabbage.  Meh, I just julienne it to half matchsticks.
  • crema… and yes, we use sour cream here, and I like it.
  • sliced avocado
  • fish (I default to tilapia filets) rubbed with spices, rolled in flour, a pinch of cornmeal, and some more kosher salt… and then pan fried in butter or a butter/olive oil mix.  The cornmeal will give you the crunch you’re looking for but it’s easy to overdo it, so keep it to a tablespoon per handful of flour.

See?  Minimalistic.  Some people would call it simplistic… but I’m from that school of thought that gets uptight when you mess with fish.  By the way, any fish will do.  Tilapia is good because it holds up to cooking and is a pretty clean slate, but fussier, more expensive fish work great too.

Anyway, that’s it.

Oh, squirt of lime just before you bite into it.

The other night we did this with black beans and SpanishPod Mexican Rice.

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