No? Too soon?

So my friend Joe sends me this:

I don’t have anything special to say about the attacks, not even now that I live three blocks from the site.

I do, however, have a special affection for the star wars universe, and not much else I want to blog about.

3 thoughts on “No? Too soon?

  1. That was funny…I laughed out loud! (of course nobody’s in the office here today, so I could jump up and down and scream “I am the walrus” and it wouldn’t matter

    I use the force, like that, all the time. Soy un Jedi.


  2. morpheus, I am not surprised. In the end, the success they enjoy with Chinese could not be replicated with those languages. They didn’t know anything about the audience, and they weren’t really interested in what we had to say about bringing our products to market.

    What does surprise me is how little interest they showed in something that has such a huge potential. Spanish, French, and Italian are still way more popular than Chinese in the US (according to enrollment). It’s a wasted opportunity, and due to lack of vision on their part.


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