Another Year

Amber took me to brunch at the Cupping Room; after that I went to buy a spaghetti pot in Chinatown, and then got myself a massage.

Later that night, I met my friends at Japas 38, where Amber had rented a karaoke room.  It was all-you-can-drink sake, beer, and wine for the two hours we had the room, and two big platters of food; one platter of sushi rolls, another platter of fried stuff:  gyoza, eggrolls, karaage, tempura, curly fries.

When our two hours were up in the room, we went out to the bar part of the business, where we found a bunch of filipinos having a birthday party, as well as some sunday night karaoke regulars.  We stayed for hours.

I got some gifts; an Indian cookbook, a chef’s memoir, and a dvd of the movie Tron.

So it was a good birthday.  It’s wild to think a year ago, Lili threw me a surprise party; Leo and Clay cooked dinner… it’s wild to think that those people have now become part of my past. I’m thousands of miles away from there now.

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