Cable Drama

My roommate U said it would be ok to schedule a cable appt. He’s got some time off before his new job starts, so I asked him to be here for when the cable guy comes.

Today I was at work, and I looked at the clock and thought, 2pm… what am I supposed to be remembering for 2pm? OH! Cable guy! So I texted U to remind him, he texted back that he had forgotten as well and will rush back to apt.

I leave for lunch, and when I get back less than an hour later, U gets back to me, tells me he ran after cable guy as he was leaving. He begged the cable guy to come back to fix my cable, but cable guy said no way, we weren’t there for the apt. Cable guy drives away. U messages me at the office, apologizing profusely.

Meh… I don’t care, it’s just cable. No use feeling bad about it. Ease your mind, U, there are worse things in the world than standing up the cable guy.

So I get home and turn my tv, and lo and behold, I have hundreds of channels; all the sports channels, all the HBOs, More tv than I could ever hope to watch.

Why is my cable working properly now? And what was that parking lot drama really about?

And what am I watching now? PBS Wired Science , which I was getting just fine before my cable was fixed. They’re showing “El Corazón” an explanation of the human circulatory system sung in Spanish with English subtitles as an epic Spanish rock ballad.

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