Huddled Masses

I met P&P on Thai Son on Baxter St. Someone had told P that it was the best place for phở. They ordered phở, I ordered grilled pork on noodles, that I made into lettuce leaf tacos.

From October 2009

Three Chinese guys shared our table. I looked over and noticed the middle one hadn’t mixed the raw meat into the hot broth, which by this time must have been substantially less hot. The guy to the left said “I never can never eat the raw part,” at which point middle guy said, “I like it” started picking at it. What the heck?

Sorry, that’s weird. It’s weird not to stir your phở. From their conversation one can deduce it was not the first time for either of them to order phở. Anyway, P wasn’t thrilled by it.

We walked from chinatown back down to my neighborhood and for coffee at Kaffe 1668, where we saw A. By the way, the coffee there is delicious.

From October 2009

We chatted and putzed around for a while until it was time to go watch the Husky game. A had checked before hand at the Reade Street Pub, who said they’d have the game.

So we walked to the Reade Street Pub and ordered a pitcher of beer, and they handed us the remote control and said go at it. We fumbled around with that for a while, and discovered that the game (which we kept calling the U-Dub game, to the great confusion of the New Yorkies) was on channels 791 and 379, to which the Reade Street Pub was subscribed to NEITHER. We called ahead to the Dakota to see if they’d have the game, and they assured us, yes, we have averyting!

So we rolled down the street to the Dakota, ordered some pints, and waited for the owner to come downstairs and change the channel. Fifteen minutes later, we were halfway into our beers, and Mr. We Have Averyting tells us they don’t have channels 791 or 379. Sorry. Try Atomic Wing. Or Mudville.

So A got on the phone and called Mudville, who said they did have it. Are you SURE? asks A.

We made our way up to Mudville where there was a table waiting for us, and a waiter said “I’m putting your game on that screen there,” pointing 3 o’clock high. All around us people were watching Michigan, Notre Dame, Syracuse, etc; a different game on every screen. We ordered a tower of beer and 40 buffalo wings. And when the buffalo wings were gone, we ordered the chili cheese fries.

From October 2009

The game was disappointing; a U-dub loss. So I walked home 4 blocks in a rainstorm and dried out back at home. M asked me to watch Black Dynamite with him, but I declined.


This morning Amber came over with her ham, egg, and cheese on a roll; we sat up on my rooftop deck in the rocking chairs while she ate. We walked along the river to the Meat Packing District to drop off some of her samples at Mxyplyzk. We bought some seltzer water at a deli and then sat in a pumpkin-filled Abingdon Square Park for a little bit to enjoy the autumnity of it all. We did a walk through of the Chelsea Market, which wasn’t as cool as I thought it was going to be. We did see the elevator to the Food Network offices, though.

We walked down to the river and hung out before getting the crazy idea to take the Staten Island Ferry before sunset. So we hopped on the 1 train to South Ferry Station. K showed up in our car, with his fiancee, and the same idea. So we all got on the ferry; the highlight was seeing the Statue of Liberty close up.

From October 2009
From October 2009

On the return trip, Amber talked me into dinner at a sushi place on 1st Ave. We poked our head into her bakery and the Tuck Shop (Jim offered a very stern warning to me once that they were not aussie pies, but rather pies, which was a very flight of the conchords moment for me).

And then it was the 6 train back to Tribeca. I stopped at Whole Paycheck to buy some pesto, some parmiggiano reggiano, some Ben & Jerry’s, and some sweet Italian sausages.

Next week shall be under budget. It shall!

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