The damnedest thing

Yesterday morning I found myself on the Upper East Side, and as I was walking home I saw that 15 blocks of Madison Avenue was closed for a street fair. It was the A.D.A. Word’s Largest Block Party, which I’d link to, but it’s not really that well described online. So there were hats pashmina scarves and tea and all the shopping I just walked right by. I was hungry.

So to eat, there were gyros, gyros, gyros, gyros, and gyros. And crepes. Some falafels, There was even some pinoys, selling barbikyu, but no rice. I ended up getting tacos de carnitas and an arepa, and then made my way home… which wasn’t easy, as trains were all wonky.

Later I went to S and O’s for some tortilla soup, and then it was a party at E and J’s place, who were in the next building. Hung out at the party for a few hours, met some nice folks, saw some good costumes…and some bad ones. I was a Spanish bull for the 2nd year in a row; next year i want to be a bat.

The walk home was crazy, as was the subway ride. Crazy party people, all in costume, all over the place. It was the damnedest thing.

Today I slept in, cooked myself some pasta, and watched tv all day. Didn’t even leave my apartment to go downstairs to the gym.

Tomorrow, the Navy is performing a 21-gun salute on the Hudson outside my building at 8am. It is supposed to be very loud. maybe I’ll get on the roof to get video. Then it’s off to work.

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