Pizza Crime

I’ve had good pizza in Manhattan, really good. I’d say that the level of pizza is higher that most places in America, the trick is the crisp, thin crust and high quality ingredients, even at the deli where they sell slices.

So I wanted to pick up a slice on the way home, so I can get home and concentrate on getting done what I gotta get done. I stopped at Café Arome and the big meaty pizza I had been thinking of had been sold out. I saw half a pie of something that looked like kimchi… I asked what it was, and the answer was "pasta pizza." They had taken zitti and crushed them, hence the kimchi look.

Zitti pizza? So weird. I don’t even like chicken on a pizza. I like chicken, I like pizza, but chicken on pizza seems like a mismatch. Especially when they put barbecue sauce on it. But zitti pizza? what is the thought process behind that? Will there be mac&cheese pizza next? Mashed potato pizza? Rice and soy sauce pizza? Where will it end! Will someone please think of the children?!

I thought about taking a picture, but I became self conscious. I’m sure it will be there tomorrow, if I change my mind. There but for the grace of God go I.

So I paid for my slice of lasagna pizza and left.

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