China Day

“China Day” is a term usually reserved for days when you wish you not only could speak the local language, but you wish in vain that you could make people feel the burning shame they ought to feel for being inconsiderate, lying to your face, wasting your time, etc. Of course they’ll never feel that burning shame because it’s not in their culture to feel that, so you’re left feeling angry, powerless, and baffled.

I wrote the title of this post with the intention of writing one of those cryptic posts that I write when something awful happens, but I can’t go into specifics on the big blog. Posts like this one and this one, on China days that had more to do with someone I trusted, and less to do with actual Chinese people.

Today in New York was one of those awful days, when someone failed to be the person they say they are, someone got betrayed and hung out to dry. I found myself reaching a limit as well.

It was one of those days, and it was going to be one of those posts.

But then I got a chat that might change everything. Stay tuned.

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