Well, it’s attested now

The other day I was with my friends, all of whom are UW alums, and we were darting in and out of Tribeca bars, looking for the Husky game.  Of course, they asked what game we wanted, and we kept saying “U-Dubb versus….” which just confused people.  You have to say “University of Washington” here, which we kept telling each other… but we’d forget every time.  We dropped the “dubb” on at least three occasions.   It’s hard to not just talk normal, especially around each other.

For my friends who are not native speakers of contemporary American English:  here’s the word “slammed” (meaning ‘extremely busy’) being uttered by someone other than me.

Stay tuned for videos of people other than me saying “jojos,” “squares,” “prefunc…”  maybe I’ll even find one with the word “greener.”

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