Demos for Voiceover Work

I strung together some of my work from my previous employer to be used as a demos to get voice work.

Teaser demo:  downloadpopup player

Podcast demo:  downloadpopup player

I had forgotten how funny the teasers were; not just the ones I was in, but there were some real classics from Clay, Erica, Amber… as well as some featuring Amaury, Leo, Christela, and Davidico.

Anyway, I hope these demos get me some voice work.

2 thoughts on “Demos for Voiceover Work

  1. JP, is that you singing ??!!! 🙂

    now going to have to ask you to release
    a full song for us to listen to ! lol

    whatever it is, you’ve got it !!! 🙂

    great hearing your voice again !

    can’t wait till you have your own
    tv show !!! 🙂


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