The Seven Second Rule

So my friend is from New Zealand, I’m from Seattle, and a lot of times I didn’t understand what the heck he was saying.  Of course, as a linguist I was delighted every time, but stopping to ask “what did you say?” every five minutes was starting to feel disrespectful.  So J instituted a seven second rule… when you hear something funny, give yourself seven seconds before asking…  I would say that seven extra seconds of thought worked more than half of the time, and I might have been starting to really understand him.

Of course, when he was talking to other kiwis, I understood zero.  So at one point I told him that we should try to talk normal, instead of the ESL lingua franca we all learned to default to around each other.  So I’d like to think I was making some progress.

Today I found Beached Az on youtube… which airs on Australian ABC.  Anyway, the whole joke of it is that kiwis talk funny.    I’m surprised to say I understand 95% of it on the first listen.  Obviously they voices are cartoony and exaggerated.  Let me know if you need any translation.

Watch all eleven episodes on a playlist.  Here’s a couple samples…

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