A Footnote

I haven’t been terribly inspired to blog much lately; mildly discouraged by work and the weather, but enjoying Manhattan nonetheless, and trying to complain less… my complaining has gotten pretty toxic, and that’s not the man I’m trying to be.

In the past I would have been happy to just post a picture of what I was eating, or a link to a video I liked. Meh. This week I’ve been slammed at work, had a potato explode in the oven, went out to dinner with my brown corduroy jacket only to realize in the subway I was wearing brown corduroy pants as well. I never worried if something was too frivolous to post here, didn’t care if people found it uninteresting. I’m not sure if I’m turning a corner on that, or if I’m just getting bored with myself.

In any case, here is a footnote to my past life in Shanghai, and here’s a reassurance. I’m not trying to add to this conversation; I’d certainly do well to keep my thoughts on this matter to myself. However, since this blog functions largely as a backup to my biological memory, I do want to at least make a note of it, as those characters are part of the story of my life.

UPDATE:  There’s more here, and the conversation here.   The cPoddies are more worried about keeping their lessons going, they don’t seem to say a word about the people that have gotten totally screwed over.

2 thoughts on “A Footnote

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