Masarap! Pansit Guisado

Pansit is a comforting filipino food that can be made in huge batches to feed dozens.  I give it a squirt of lime, a dash of soy sauce (or fish sauce) if it’s not salty enough, and a dash of hot sauce.  It’s mostly noodles and it’s not very filling… you can eat a bowl of it and be hungry an hour later.  This, of course, helps families like mine eat continuously during the day.

This video was made by special request.  There was a camera switch mid-recipe due to low batteries.  We ended up not using the bihon, because it was going to be too much food.  Also, we ended up using a lot of shrimp stock, about three times more than we showed in the video.

One thought on “Masarap! Pansit Guisado

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