Remarkable Night

I’m watching PBS This Emotional Life, and I am tripping out.   This episode is Anger, Anxiety, and Depression, and I’m totally fascinated.  The one study, where depression shrinks the hippocampus, and antidepressants cause neurogenesis… WILD.  Electro convulsive therapy causes even more neurogenesis?  Conclusion:  depression should be treated, NOT toughed out.


Since I’ve gotten home, I’ve heard from:

  • T in Peru–he’s got it handled
  • J in New Zealand–as goofy and confusing as ever…
  • JJ in Singapore–he’s missing his meat pies, which I can buy here in Manhattan
  • B in Shanghai
  • M in Sydney

I really enjoy hearing from my friends around the world.   I also heard from D in LA, and someone who may have a job for me in the Fall.


I made beef adobo tonight, along with creamed spinach and long grain rice I boiled in chicken stock.

From What I’m Eating

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