To Each His Own

Saturday I got up around 10 or 11 and met the crew for some congee at Congee.  We all ordered our own separate bowls of 粥, which made the lady stop wanting to talk to me in Chinese.  I was like, are you all sure you don’t want to share a bowl and then order some vegetables or something?  And the answer was “No.”  Whatever.  I guess that’s what they mean when they say “to each his own.”

Anyway, we took a train up Union Square and hung out at Think Café for a few hours,, sitting at the window seat and watching the sun trace it’s arc in the still blue of the winter sky between the rooftops of the Lower East Side.  I had a cup of tea and a pear cake.

After a few hours my blood sugar came crashing down (sitting in a café listening to Prince’s greatest hits apparently still doesn’t burn off the glucose) so I declared an emergency and got a rescue snack at dogmatic… this time it was a pork sausage in a ficelle baguette toasted inside and out, with chimichurri.  Not a bad rescue for less than $5.

PDP wanted to to take us to Beauty Bar happy hour (warning:  landing page has loud music).  He had been there the night before and said it was all women except for him.  So we trekked back across Union Square down 14th street and found that it didn’t open until 7pm.  It was 5pm.

I wanted to go home, but I agreed to get one drink.  I though about trekking back across Union Square to the Coffee Shop Bar, but we saw the King’s Head Tavern across the street.  It’s a dark room; the long bar runs most the length of the building, and then where it ends there are some benches, a grand (gas) fireplace, and a projection screen.  It is very homey, and for the most part, pubby, although the candles they used were definitely the 50 cent Mexican veladoras, that you often see with the Our Lady of Guadelupe.  My one drink became two ($20 min. for credit cards) and then people started buying their rounds.  At one point, the bartender Pat Maloney treated us all to a shot of Jameson.  I am now a fan of King’s Head bartender Pat Maloney.  But as the night progressed, the bar started filling with people, and I wanted to get away from the whiskey.

So we asked ol’ Pat Maloney where to go, and he said St. Mark’s place was just a few blocks down.  There we found YakitoryTaisho, which managed to remind me of Yakitori Fukuchan in Shanghai (a Jim spot), even though it was nothing like it.  We ordered some shiso wrapped in bacon, some agedashi dofu, some karaage, and some deep fried octopus legs.

This morning I got up late, and met the crew again for a porkchop lunch at Tudo, where we have become regulars.  The sun was out again, so I walked there… I’m finally starting to realize just how small Manhattan is.  Anyway, they had phở, I had a pork chop, and then it was up Bowery for a photo shoot  and then some coffee and a lemon bar at the Bleeker St. Think Café.

From What I’m Eating

We stayed for a little, but then PB and I ditched PDP and walked back through Soho to Chinatown (don’t ask) and I got my hair cut.  Afterwards, PD and I came back to my place, took care of the photo shoot photos, and then we went to Bengal Curry & Kebab for some beef curry on rice and a surprise.

Then we went to see Avatar 3D.  I flinched a couple of times at the 3D, but I’m pretty sure I flinch at regular movies as well.  Avatar was fun to watch, although it was basically the ol’ broken-white-man-goes-native-saves-world formula.  People have been saying it’s Space Pocahontas (down to the magic tree!), but PDP says it’s more like the Last Samurai, and I think he’s right (never saw it, though).

Anyway, the most fun I had at that movie was listening for Sam Worthington’s Aussie accent to come out.  Jay Leno said he never heard it, but I did,  (I can also hear Mel Gibson’s when he’s playing American… not so much in pronunciation, but in intonation).  Anyway, the first time I heard it I thought, aha!  The second time, I thought, aha!  The third time… Ok, by the 5th time, I thought “just watch the movie, jackass.”

Not that I fault him for it… it actually made me miss my Aussie friends, who usually booed loudly when I attempted an Aussie accent myself.  I’ll get it someday.

2 thoughts on “To Each His Own

  1. Wow…Kings Haad Tavern sounds like my kind of place…fireplace, dark, pubby atmosphere, Jameson & a generous Irishman. The Green Dragon for humans.

    mmmmmmmm……leeemon baaarrrs.

    & BTW



  2. Russ, I’ll take you there for a quiet beer, if you make it down here. But we have to go early, loud crowd shows up around 8pm.


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