Three New York Sketches: Jan 2010

On the House
I had heard from my friend M that New York bartenders often give out drinks on the house, and last Saturday I experienced that myself at King’s Head. Thumbs up to that.

However, I’ve also experienced many many more times getting extra shots of espresso in my drink from Seattle’s Best Coffee in Midtown, and although I appreciate the sentiment, I definitely end up with a drink I didn’t order, and a case of the shakes. Affection shots on the house are definitely a no-no in Seattle…

On the Town
So when you’re walking in New York without headphones, it can be difficult not to sing the New York songs. Lately it has been Empire State of Mind, but I’ll admit to On Broadway and On the Town as well. Note: It’s never been “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today.” I sang that one in China and Seattle, but now that I’m here it’s just not appropriate. Anyway, the point is that the music was in my head. In my head!

On my way to the office this morning, I was walking up Broadway, and passed man, a middle aged business man, not a suit, but just a dude in a leather jacket who was thinking to himself and walking fast. He kept his eyes straight ahead and as he passed me, he uttered a bright “Up-town-girl…

He couldn’t keep it in his head. I hope that doesn’t happen to me….

On My Back
This morning I was lying shirtless in a dimly lit room. It was a pleasant enough experience, but I couldn’t help thinking it could have been more fun, as the pretty sonogram technician said “we’re finished!” and handed me some paper towels to clean the lube off my chest.   I’ll have to meet with the cardiologist to interpret the scan, but to me it looked good. I made some jokes to the sonogram tech (“wow? I have a heart? A human heart?”) who laughed as if she hadn’t heard them a thousand times before.

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