I’ll enjoy it for now.

From some photos to blog about

My friend and former co-worker C sent me some Hawaiian salt… from Hawaii.  We haven’t seen each other in years, but lately we’ve been tagging each other on our Facebook food porn shots.  One day he said “send me your address, I’m going to send you some Hawaiian salt.”  Of course, like hell am I going to pass that up.  It arrived in the mail today and… well it’s not like I cried or anything, but I did have to catch my breath a little… I had no idea there was going to be seasoning salt as well…

I had a lovely dinner of delicious fancy chicken curry at S and O’s place.  S and I had a nice talk on the balcony about work, life, the future… and it occurred to me how thankful I was for my new life in New York.  It has been a difficult move from Shanghai, but I have never doubted for a second that moving to New York has been exactly the right move for me, in terms of my career, my sanity, and my soul.

I was contacted by a couple of listeners today, one who knew me from QingWen, the Chinese grammar show I did with Amber for a few months at Praxis.  The other was an sPod listener who moved to El Salvador in July, right about the time I showed up back in Seattle with my life in suitcases.

This listener wrote:

I don’t know why, but I have this morbidly curious as to the real reasons why you left spanishpod — were they a bad company? You were Spanishpod’s Conan for crying out loud! (I mean the red haired guy, not the savage)

I’ve mostly said what I have to say about leaving sPod, but I’ve been thinking about the comparison with Conan O’Brian, which is one of the cooler compliments I’ve been paid.  I’m not sure I measure up to that analogy, but about 20 minutes ago Conan gave his farewell speech, in which he thanked his staff, NBC, and his viewers.  Then he played lead guitar as Will Farrell sang “Freebird,” and spun out a pretty respectable noodle as the song, the show, and his dream job all came to an end.  It was a pretty cool way to go out, and no where near the end of  his career.

I’m the Conan of SpanishPod?  Maybe it’s a stretch, but for now I will enjoy it.

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