Look at that.

Just a few quick links today.

  • Grammar and word mavens are annoying.    Yes, it’s neat that in English you park in a driveway but drive on a parkway, but there’s no reason to persecute people over split infinitives or double negatives or “I’m monna aks you a question.”  What prescriptivists find intolerable, linguists call “data.”  The mavens often try to beat you to death with the dictionary, as if there was morality attached to it, but guess what… the lexographers who write your precious dictionary are on our side.
  • Dalai Lama vs. Obama… a shouting match (not really).  Quiet teabaggers, the adults are talking.
  • Famous linguist Geoffrey K. Pullum is hilariously illiterate in Japan.  And he’s tweeting about it.
  • Next… I made tacos.  Chicken in tomato/chipotle sauce, with sour cream.

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