Don’t know what to say.

Today I bought pants at Trinity Place.  I walked through the World Financial Center (I know all the indoor routes, after a wiinter like this) and came across a Gospel Choir Competition in the WFC Atrium.  Is that really a competitive sport?   The sound was crappy of course… too loud in too echoey room.  Not much to say there.

I saw this at the grocery store:

Don’t know what to say about this, except I miss the West Coast.

Finally, the following is the complete list of search terms that people found this blog had entered in to google:

apolo ohno naked
jp villanueva
apolo ohno baby
apolo ohno + parents
apolo ohno mother
2002 apolo ohno
apolo ohno olympic ring
apolo ohno frowning
apollo ohno’s mother

Again, don’t know what to say.

One thought on “Don’t know what to say.

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