I’m bringing pickle back…

NYC bartenders have a nasty habit of learning my name, shaking my hand, pouring me free drinks, and occasionally doing a shot with me.  It’s awesome; it’s like having actual friends, except none of that ultimately inevitable betrayal nonsense.

So last night I was poured a Jameson’s with a pickle back, and I remember the moment like it was a photograph.  I am now a believer in this drink experience, and I see myself one day doing this with oysters.

Here’s the formula:  do a shot of Jameson’s.  Then before anyone can comment on the shot, somebody shouts “Pickle back!” as a reminder.  Then you act surprised, grab the shot of briny pickle juice, which you realize was deliberately poured out before the whiskey was, and you throw back the pickle juice and time stands still for a moment as you realize that life is not so bad.

I even like that it rhymes with Nickelback.

2 thoughts on “I’m bringing pickle back…

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